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rock_26iin | 30 October, 2005 19:18

Hello people.

I realized (very foolishly) that this blog never had an intro so most of the people who read this blog (i.e., if people really do read this blog) have no idea about who/what I am and what/who I like to do. So, (yea, I have this habit of using the word



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Script Writer | 30/10/2005, 23:05

Rockiboi, this is one of the two blogs that had a post which I liked enough to comment on.

You have the flair for nonsense. Hone! At 17, there is a long way for you to go yet. Don't get dissuaded by all those who try to drive some sense into you.

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Jaan | 31/10/2005, 00:28

LOL. I love reading your posts, love.
Keep blogging!

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Lizardking | 31/10/2005, 08:14

Its time for u to die rockie!

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Jaan | 31/10/2005, 10:29

LK: stop being morbid, he's just a kid!

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SeH | 31/10/2005, 21:43

LK adviced so...cuz Rockie has a habit of stating a strict 'NO'

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rock_26iin | 31/10/2005, 23:24

@Script Writer : 'm humbled by the fact that the Devil decided my blog was worth commeting on.

And pardon me for saying, " You have the flair for nonsense" is the nicest thing anyone has said to me for the past week.

@Jaan : Thanx :D I do intend to keep blogging as long as I have no sense whatsoever

*confused icon*

@LK : Why? Why? Why do u want to kill me??

"'m just a poor boy,
I need no sympathy"

@Jaan : There's that word again, "kid!"

*irritated icon*

@Vamsee (SeH) : Didn't understand head or tail of what you said dude!

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SeH | 01/11/2005, 03:22

I mistook ur note # 7 (as) U do the opposite of wat ppl say...I dunno wat made me feel so...

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lizardking | 01/11/2005, 05:50

cos it sounds like fun.

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Jaan | 01/11/2005, 10:56

I am sorry hon, for calling you a kid! Would the word 'boy' do then? (tee hee) :P
Happy Diwali :D

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B | 24/12/2007, 00:05

I understand you :P Should I be scared?


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