What does it mean to you?

To me its photography - shutters, apertures and the whole gamut. Its the warmth on my eyes at 8AM everyday - a natural alarm. Its the moonlight that says so much. Its the yellow halogen glow that reminds me of walks during a college festival not so long ago. Its the dimness that restaurants seem to revel in - the kind where they'd rather not let you not see the food. Its the blue backlight of my cellphone - the one I'd tap away on in utter darkness sending SMS after SMS. Its the damn high beam that every rider/driver on the road prefers to go by. Its the one bulb of our car which refuses to shine. Its the scene in Face-Off when Nicholas Cage breaks open the prison door to be blinded by the sun. Its being back in Janakhpuri Colony firing up these things called "chichibudilu" and watching them go crackle-spark-crackle. Its that matchstick I was always afraid would burn up my fingers someday.

Festival of lights they call this day - something I've never related to. To me, this day is about climbing that rooftop and looking at all those  big sparks fly high in the sky. Its about wincing every time a big "atum baamb" goes off. Wherever I've been, whichever stage of my life...its always been the same. To sit and watch families all dressed up blowing up (literally) indecent amount of money...this act bringing happiness and smiles to their faces. To wonder how it'd be to be in a flight right then - how does it look from up there? She doesn't much enjoy fireworks too - for different reasons. She made the day for those street kids, brought a smile to their faces...she likes the chichibudilu(calls them flowerpots, she) too, detests the atom bombs.

Another year gone by with me on the rooftop - this time with a camera. :) ...and a bunch of people celebrating this day away from home. Customary pictures follow.



My company on the rooftop. :D The line of light is a rocket shooting up. :)



We gotta have a diya pic right? Thats B-block in the background.


I can never take snaps of fireworks - never.


So I get back to taking artsy-fartsy macro shots as usual. :D

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