Everysingle day passes by with me waiting for something to happen, what, I donít know. All I really care about right now and for the next 3 years is what I do every single day, am taking this shit all life as it comes and it aint getting any prettier as days pass by. Its true that as you get older the more irritating become the things around you, yet there is this tiny ray of hope that makes you think that may be there is just something better in the future that is worth getting over the shitty day/month/ year that you had. As unappealing as that sounds currently my life seems like a perfect definition of nothingness to me. Combined with exams and work its nothing but a disappointment to my very existence. Full of shit, I could search every dictionary in this world and I couldnít be able to put it in better words. Iím feeling very frustrated right about now, you could even say pessimistic. I have my reasons, they arenít worth even mentioning, which is also one of the reasons am irritated. You know, when you really think about it, your nothing in this world, there isnít going to be a world war 3 if you, live, die, speak, scream or even become a victim of self annihilation when you are so fucking insignificant, why the fuck do things around you matter so much? I had a very very very bad day and to account to the fact that itís Diwali and am in nothing but pain about something that am not even sure I understand is all the more frustrating.

Current Mood: Angry
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