What's wrong with the world these days? No, I am not implying that the world was right at any point in time since the primordial atom decided to explode five billion, three hundred forty five million, four hundred thirty eight thousand, six hundred and fifty six years ago, in the process giving us individuals so superiorly inferior, as fellow inhabitants on a blue planet, that their heads would simply implode if you got them to share with you one original thought.

That is not my bone with people. This is something I have learnt to ignore over the past few years as I came to conclude that whether or not we find intelligent life in space we certainly are not going to find any on earth. But, is it really too much to expect legible language from your fellow men and women? The internet is swarming with people who believe it is their right to speak in some sort of code that is damn near impossible for children of a lesser God like me to decipher.

Since when did to and 2 become synonymous? Hello! One is a preposition while the other quantifies something. You say that you have 2 arms and 2 legs not to arms and to legs. If you did the latter you might well be a case for the nut factory where they would not really care what you said or not to anybody, leave alone to your arms and legs. Or may be it is too much to expect people to spell. Some cannot even spell their names right on their resumes (And, the word is pronounced 're-syoo-mays' not 're-syooms' - get it right! To resume means to continue something.). Fortunately for them, the guys who get to read it cannot read right either. Incompetent guy hires incompetent guy and he hires more incompetent guys.

Note that I have spoken entirely in the masculine gender. No, it does not mean that I accord women a higher status. I am just plain sexist. I refer to my boss as 'Sir'. So what if he happens to be a guy? You would not catch me dead addressing him as Madam. He cannot read much. That is not the only thing he does not do much of. He does not pay much either. In fact, there are times when he does not pay. Period. But, to be fair to him, is not having a job that does not pay better than not having a job at all?

'I hate the world, today', crooned Natalie Imbruglia (may her tribe increase!). God knows I have nothing against her (hell, no) but I guess if you looked like she does you can afford to not hate it every once in a while. But, I don't look like her (Phew!). And she does not find me good-looking either. So, there.

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