24 May 2004

to be or to be

Posted by doesitmatter in General | 9:42am

sitting on a cross road precariously hanging for my dear life, what to be is the question that stares at me. I could be a modern artist, living on the wall looking at life lived by others, feeling with them, feeling for them yet remaining untouched by the emotions, dont misunderstand me but i can cry for humanity, only. as for me i am the artist, immune from lifes cares. i will emerge from my crevice every once in a while to see your cheerful face, i do need it you know, but dont hold my hand for too long, for then i will notice your open mouth as you eat and the warts on your ass, they can be ugly from a perspective, was i cruel, oh i dont mean to be, see i told you i am fucked up and best when in my den puking out profound observations. Isn't creating art the artists holy duty? Or should i be the son, the farmer, the father, the lover, giving up the global perspective for the human touch? yes i will have warts too, make loud noices when i eat with a open mouth, make corny passes as you walk with a lazy gait. a character with frailities but a living breathing figure and a bundle of emotions. to be or to be?

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  1. By Neurotron

    24 May 2004, 11:40am [ Reply ]

    dude(ss), take me to your dealer...

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