I have been Tagged by Michael

1)Six things I wanna do before I die
Go Sky diving
Spend 6months in Europe ( A bunch of places that I wanna go to)
Travel in a space ship (I donít see that happening)
Buy me a boat house OR spend 6months in a ridiculously expensive cruise.
Learn to play the guitar (properly)
Get a tortoise (I donít know why)

2) Six things I cant do
Talk endlessly (Not my thing)
Watch lots of television (Just only, not my thing)
Walk for hours. (Who are you kidding?)
Spend time with my cousins (Gosh some of them are a pain in places I wouldnít even mention.
Stay awake for 24 hrs( and whine about it for the next 24hrs.)
Drink vodka from a bottle (I tried it)

3)Six things I say the most
Ah Ah OK (thatís what I say if I have no clue what the other person is talking.)
Oh hell, whatever
Really (For just about everything)

4) Six things I can do
Drive (I am perfect)(Shut up)
Be quiet (When I hate people around me)
Study (my school course work without bugging people around me)
Live without reading novels (Totally)
Stand smoking (Iíve become a victim of second hand smoking ever since I visited India in the summer.)
Handle dogs, all kinds of them.

5)Six things that attract me about opposite sex
Smart (Not just a 4.0 gpa kind, itís a little more than that Dorkey Mc Geeky)
Good Sense of Humor
Tall (Definitely, donít go 7.2 , love )
Dressing sense

6)Six celebrity crushes
Chad Michael Murray
Josh Harnett
Tom Morello (GAWD)
Abhishek Bachan
Matt Czuchry
Jason Behr

7)Six people I wanna tag
Non-sensei(When he decides to look at my blog)
Nay these are all the people I plan on tagging considering I cant think of any right now.
Feel free to add yourself to it (IF YOU WANT)

p.s: sorry sitey i havent done ur tag thingie, will do it

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