My homepage is and it had one line written on it "I am the 12th man in my family-Ruskin Bond" i just glanced at it and i clicked on something else. Then my minded send a signal to my fingers begging it to hit the back button.

I knew Ruskin Bond even before i could spell my own name, but i just realized that VERY recently when i was in musooire. Rusking bond always had the words,to say things like no-one else.

explorevijay asks why people write when they are able to SPEAK?
RuskinBond says Writing is also a form of expression

I know am not much of a writer or anything but..... ugh i wanted to say something anddd, well i just lost my thoughts, shows how much of a writer I am.

Anyway today is November 14th, Childrens day, always, always, always, loved this day for reasons that I dont want to discuss, BUT BUT BUT if there are kids who read this blog (gawd stop right now its just BAD for u) Happy Childrens day :)

P.S:We got a book signed by Ruskin Bond when we were in Mussorie, the shop keeper got it done for us and when we enquired about him, he said that we just missed him, sad eh. anyway chikoo called him up and spoke to him, he was sooooooo cuteeeee in her own words:)

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