Mera chain wain sab ujda, zaalim nazar hata le. Barbaad ho gaye hain ji tere apne sheher waale. Oh meri angadaayi na toote tu aaja. Kajara re Kajara re...

So goes the song. That it goes this way is not something I hold against it. But that it should go this way the whole day in my head is not something I take very kindly to. And why? Just because I happen to come across it first thing in the morning while surfing channels? Was that this big an indiscretion?

It is not only this song. There have been many before it, and there will be many to follow I am certain, that have had this effect on me. I think I have what can be medically termed Obsessive Song Listening Disorder. It creeps in very innocuously at an impressionable age. I was 19, I think, when it first happened - all innocent and ignorant of the ways of this world when it came to songs taking their hold on people.

It was a seemingly harmless song called 'This Kiss' by Faith Hill. I was not even a fourteen year old girl at that point of time in my life. Hell, I have never been a fourteen year old girl at any point of time in my life. But this song! Like tits and ass make the world go round (as Harold Robbins had once written in one of his books), this song just kept making my head spin. I could not listen to it, and I could not not listen to it. There was a stage when I listened to it over and over again for up to two hours - basically till the other inhabitants of my house thumped me on my head.

I got over it. At least I thought I did. Until a few weeks ago when it came back. And this time it was worse because I did not have the song with me anymore. And I had to listen to it on launchcast that does not have a repeat feature. This basically meant I had to manually restart the song each time! It was as bad as watching television without the remote control. May be worse, if anything can be worse than that.

I have never been the same man ever since. And I am not sure if it was the song or Faith Hill. But something has held its sway. I started off bitching about kajara re and I ended up totally smitted with Faith Hill. Perhaps an International alert should be sounded. This disorder is deadly.

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