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Hey lets get together

Posted by Vasant | 16/12/2005 04:15


V might've spoken to each other several times, not on local phone but VOIP lines. Quite possible that we might b knowing each other with some nick names... Y   don't v use this opportunity to get together, get to know each other and share our opinions on everything under SUN...


  1. Posted by Hari
    17 Dec 2005, 3:55am

    Good place to exchange our views. Hari

  2. Posted by Neil
    18 Dec 2005, 9:53am

    Aap kaisa ho?

  3. Posted by Don Malen
    19 Dec 2005, 9:50pm

    WEll I look forward to sharing ideas and opinions with my counterparts from Hyd. -

  4. Posted by Al
    20 Dec 2005, 1:44am

    Nice place to know each other

  5. Posted by Vijay
    20 Dec 2005, 2:35pm

    Looking for Tech. Recruiters in Hyderabad. Please contact Vijay at 98410-44871

  6. Posted by kalyan
    11 Jan 2006, 11:29am

    It's a nice platform to share & learn different tools of recruitment

  7. Posted by Junaid Imran Moh'd
    30 Apr 2006, 11:01pm

    Hi this is Moh'd Junaid Imran,am looking for job openiong of IT-Recruiter location HYD. If any vacancy is available then call me on 9885477030 or email at:

  8. Posted by AP
    14 Jun 2006, 1:11am

    Does anyone know how to get a list of MNCs in Hyderabad?

  9. Posted by radhakishore
    1 Aug 2006, 2:07am

    really its very good work to know each other

  10. Posted by radhakishore
    1 Aug 2006, 2:08am

    its really good platform to know each other and work together

  11. Posted by Rakesh
    8 Aug 2006, 5:06pm

    Hi, This is Rakesh. And I'm looking out for Technical Recruiters with good exp. in US staffing. Reach out to me at 9885907360..

  12. Posted by Krishna
    18 Aug 2006, 2:31am

    Hey all, If anyone is looking for a IT Recruiter Job with attractive salary, then write to me at We are looking for a IT recruiter to work for our India office. You can call us at 1-732-283-3800 and leave message

  13. Posted by Srini
    26 Sep 2006, 10:51am

    I am looking for BDM/IT recruiters for our office in India.
    Please Call me at 781 287 0281 or send an email at
    In next two weeks, I am in India. My contact #: for next two weeks is 99481 63343.

    Immediate interviews for exp. BDM/ IT recruiters who have exp. in US Market and willing work in US Timings(i.e Night shift in India)

  14. Posted by TEJAS
    28 Sep 2006, 11:19am

    Hi, i am looking for an opening in IT Recruitment. If there is a vacency pls contact me : 09346898540, I have around 1.2 yrs of recruitment exp.

  15. Posted by Ayesha
    30 Oct 2006, 8:09pm

    Looking for IT recruiters for our newly started IT recruiting company at HYD, Please call me at 9346651288 or 847-410-2789

  16. Posted by jagan
    11 Nov 2006, 4:30am

    We are looking for IT recruiters and BDM's for our IT office in Hyd. Please let me know if you are interested and do send me your resume to with your salary req's

  17. Posted by janakiram
    22 Nov 2006, 2:16am

    I am working as a IT recruter and I look forward to work with u.Feel free to contact me for more details.

  18. Posted by shashanka.v.sharma
    23 Nov 2006, 6:43pm

    such a nice idea it loking for a opening in it sectar.pls mail me to this id if any

  19. Posted by Arun
    30 Nov 2006, 2:30pm

    Its really good plat form.I am looking for it recruiter job with better pay if its dy shift it would be great

  20. Posted by oggu nagraj
    20 Jan 2007, 6:21pm

    Hey all,
    I would like to know the details for it recruitment like ,training ,placements,salary etc

    waiting for your replies

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