A strange fear has begun to rise within me. Its the same kind of fear that most prison inmates tend to feel when they are let out of the 3 walls and a grill, and into the real world. Its been only 5 months. Only. But I've become accustomed to these 3 walls and a view. I take things for granted, that I don't have to pay for anything, that I have to simply sign in a register and thats it. Just one of those things.

For a week now, I'll have to pay for things, see real traffic on real roads. For a week now, I'll  be with "near and dear", my dear and near far, far away. I'll have to live with no maggi at weird times. Not having to walk 100ft to to get some food. Not having 2 other monkeys walking with me. Not having to open Outlook. Just for a week. Damn.

Yes, I'm going home. Back to good ole Hyd. Its christmas now, sure doesn't feel like it. The isolation of this place from the "real world" has successfully gotten rid of any holiday spirit that threatened to linger. Its no longer "Its christmas time!", its just "I'll be eating home food!". Haven't heard a carol, haven't sung one of 'em usual choruses all this month. Maybe I should. Now.

So off I go, to pack my bag and to sing my carol while I'm at it.

Going home.


PS: This trip is what I call the Great Indian Adventure, 'cuz having missed booking tickets early, we're now travelling on helluva route.  We should be hitting the Maharashtra Border sometime tommorow morning, Hyd is only a few hours away from that place. :)

PPS: Play Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Wow.

Current Mood: Bye!
Current Music: Carols in my head