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25 May 2004

Smack my bitch up!

Posted by Captain Scamp in General | 2:56am

Didja miss me? I know I'm irrestible!

Just like a house on top of a hill cannot be hidden for long..you, my dear friends (coupled with some devious forces of nature) cannot pin me down! the jack-in-the-box has re-emerged..apllause applause!

okay fine I'll put you out of ur agony and get this over with yeah!!so haven't posted blogs ...thereby allowing you to utilize your time in office for the actual purpose for which you were hired by that ISO 100 company..er..for working!!? for people like me thats an alien concept...a little like making your bed when you wake up? huh!! people ACTAULLY DO THAT..(SCRATCH SCRATCH!)!!!

anyways..have been extrmely busy trying to look busy..adn must tell you comrades..nuhting is more exhausting than that! there's only for so long that you can shuffle papers, re-arrange notes, clean nad re-fill your stapler (all the while tossing nervous glances across ur shoulders)...no sirree..all this and more is accomplished in an astonishgly short span of time..so figuring out and new and more ingeniuos methods to look devilishly busy...is in on word... EXHAUSTING!

here is the update..the Office Blab is back! he was reportedly down with some ridiculous disease which only 3 year olds get! I guess because of his mental age..he somehow qualified to get it!! anyways he's back and needless to say..i'm annoyed! hrrmph!

spent the past hour sending forwards to friends and stuff! i guess they should have a clause in my contract that deems it nessary for me to waste a certain number of hours at work! I would gladly sign on the dotted line..professionalism at it's best!

okay! gotta run..my stapler beckons!


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  1. By JLU

    1 Jun 2004, 10:40am [ Reply ]

    I can identify with your problem :) Being busy trying to look busy is truly nerve-wracking....

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