12 Jan 2006

Love and more....

Posted by a stable mind in Friends | 6:52pm

I have always wondered what attracts people to me. Is it the possibility of how rude I can be? Sometimes I wonder if they are just around to notice how cranky I can get. < ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


I have always wondered how true your love towards others can be. Be it friends, family or that special someone.


I don

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  1. By Whizkid

    12 Jan 2006, 9:10pm [ Reply ]

    Hmmm.... interesting! Waiting for more....

  2. By Cartman

    12 Jan 2006, 9:13pm [ Reply ]

    Why does love have to be thought of as better than in may be more valuable than friendship ???
    Just because friendship is may be not so exclusive,restricted, private and supposedly special...... I dunno, may be friendship has lost the charm it had in gud old times

  3. By s

    13 Jan 2006, 7:50pm [ Reply ]

    never have understood one-sided love... it has to be mutual for it to work.

  4. By astablemind

    13 Jan 2006, 9:49pm [ Reply ]

    @s u shud be in one to understand one...

  5. By Cartman

    16 Jan 2006, 4:08pm [ Reply ]

    toatally ! ask the expert here, a revered one - sided PRO i am ;)

  6. By unknown

    18 Jan 2006, 7:56pm [ Reply ]

    i know;)

  7. By Cartman

    22 Jan 2006, 2:12pm [ Reply ]

    kewl...the word seems to be spreading* ;)

  8. By Squid

    27 Jan 2006, 4:22pm [ Reply ]

    What a strange scribble that was! Don't think it makes any sense. And why do I keep searching the net for such stupid stuff!

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