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15 Jan 2006


Posted by a stable mind in Friends | 1:03pm

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This one is inspired by the autobiography my image wrote (image because we are way too similar and now only differences surprise us!!!). It made me realize and wonder again as to what I am and where I am heading (I wonder a lot!!!).


He could write so easily and so well as to what he was. I don

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  1. By nancy

    15 Jan 2006, 1:29pm [ Reply ]

    ur 3 adjectives suit u quite well.and every other teeneger on this earth.

  2. By Tom

    15 Jan 2006, 5:20pm [ Reply ]

    You are way to sweet to be called irritating and way too intelligent to be called foolish, so listen to ur fren Tom here and smile once !

  3. By Fick

    15 Jan 2006, 5:27pm [ Reply ]

    Listening to Gary Barlow will get u further lost in all that traffic inside. stick to "in the waiting Line", it really helps :).

  4. By Harry Puthar

    15 Jan 2006, 8:20pm [ Reply ]

    "Another significant part of my insignificant life"....Life's precious and it's a gift, no matter how screwed one's life is, it's still a gift,"celebrate being alive".

  5. By IMMAGE

    15 Jan 2006, 10:43pm [ Reply ]

    Take ur time and write , then all the supposed "poshness" of my autobio will pale against the plain simplicity and honesty of yours....

  6. By astablemind

    19 Jan 2006, 7:13pm [ Reply ]

    thanks abhay...will try

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