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25 May 2004

Now, Imagine!

Posted by Oblivion in General | 5:57am

You are Tom Hanks in Castaway. A touching obituary in The Times of India, and everybody thinks you are dead. Your kith and kin attend your 'funeral', shed tears for some days and life gets back to normal. All your precious belongings are put in the coffin and now they are gone.

You spend five years on a 'no-man-had-ever-been-there island' and in your trial to get back into the world, you are as lucky as Tom Hanks, in that you are found by some sharp-sighted, idle chap on the cruise that almost passed by. The world has moved five years ahead, and you? You remember which school of thought you had ardently followed? You remember your religion? Remember the multiplication table? O yes, multiplication table, yes, you do. You very much do.

Now, on returning home, what is the first 'precious' thing that you'd go and search for? To check if it's still there r not. What is it?

Ok, hypothetical, and the probability suggests it is very close to impossible. Yet, just imagine!

(P.S. I watched Yuva last evening. My rating - 4.5/5)

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