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rock_26iin | 02 February, 2006 20:25

I am here. For what reason, for what purpose, I ask myself and the only reply I get is the din humming of the fan. The only thing that mattered to me, the only thing that still held me sane, walked away from me, never looking back, never once thinking of the way it crushed me. So, again I ask myself what purpose is my life? Do any of us even serve a purpose? I do not know the meaning of life but I do know that for a life to be meaningful it has to have a purpose, it has to have a sense of motion, motion towards achievement, achievement of happiness, achievement of your dreams, your aspirations. But when the dream itself walked away from you, what are you supposed to do? All right, agreed that the dream wasn



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Black Wizard | 03/02/2006, 01:01

Look here my little friend. I think i know what you are trying to say. You know you tried your best. You also know that sometimes(always rather) things dont turn out the way you want them to. So the only thing you can do now is just take it easy.
As for the finding the meaning of life, I strongly suggest you watch Monty Python - The Meaning of Life.

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June | 03/02/2006, 22:00

d part dat begs u to think bout yer dream, things inconceivable is d part dats still livin in d past, let go of it...atleast try!

dreams dont always come true..they jus keep us goin..n when we r past dat, y hold on to something tat was jus a dream?

dont have to obey yer voice of rationality, jus listen to it, hear it... put urself, d real u before yer dream.. it will help n ur not alone!!

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rock_26iin | 04/02/2006, 11:27

@BW: Thanx for the help man. :D

@June: You want me to put myself before the dream? But then again whats the point of having a dream when u can't dream about it? Anyway, I have found the course of action i have to take, thnx for ure concern neway :)

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June | 04/02/2006, 17:57

im not askin u not to dream, like i said dreams keep us goin...but mayb im suggestin not to live yer life in yer dreams...its helped me.
good luck nyways...

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Angel | 05/02/2006, 13:23

Being happy in life as you said comes with achievement and aceiving is a motion process, i mean it keeps rapidly changing with time , evry single day has something coming along with it , its up to us whether we recognise them ...and once we've learnt how to do it , we actually learnt how to live life happily ! Thats all i can say ... goodwork!

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