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2 Feb 2006


Posted by a stable mind in Friends | 9:04pm

The other day he called up to say things I never thought I would ever hear from him. The other day he again called to tell me it was no dream. I don

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  1. By June

    2 Feb 2006, 11:48pm [ Reply ]

    yer post sent me into perspective thinking...
    der is you.. u love this guy, he loves u, he proposed and u accepted... n yet u have second thoughts.. watever it is..

    lemme tell u der r people, people like me.. u love, he loves, he proposes n u cannot accept coz of certain obligations life holds.. n u watch him move on, probably get engaged or jus go away... n people like me r trying not to think twas a wrong decision, but perhaps rite for the both of us...

    tat is life...when things go rite, u jus have to investigate n dig n when things go wrong, we jus try to ignore n dismiss it....

    i cannot answers all yer whys..but i think dis is life... hope for the best yet prepared for the worst!


  2. By Donnie

    3 Feb 2006, 1:48am [ Reply ]

    the element of negativity comes in coz of the impact of past experiences which is what restricts the postive impulses tht ooze out on every joyous moment. the +ve impulses are made to pass thorugh a rigorous torture chamber where they get grilled,interrogated, questioned, and by the time they come out, they r drained and dont have the spirit and zing in 'em any more.....they are "fractured by practicality" .I know i dont make any sense, am writing this for myself more than u i guess......

  3. By astablemind

    4 Feb 2006, 9:58pm [ Reply ]

    i agree that i am having unnecessary worries
    but there are never answers to why's
    and thanks i need luck

  4. By astablemind

    4 Feb 2006, 9:59pm [ Reply ]

    i guess positive thoughts are shit scared of practicality

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