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4 Feb 2006

Her Story

Posted by Oblivion in General | 7:15pm

Her parents broke up when she was nine.
Her father left for Italy, leaving behind a fortune on her name.
She refused to leave her ailing mother to the care of nurses. Her husband thought it was arrogance. He broke up with her.
Eight months later, her mother died of depression.
Her son was a reporter and writer. He was kidnapped by terrorists and beheaded.  The video was put up online. She saw the video. Nobody knew about his body.
Her daughter walked out, swearing she would never return.
She is full of tears. She puts up a smile for guests, friends, and strangers.
She has nobody to live for. Solitude never leaves her.
Past was a wreck. Future is directionless. She moves on.
She looks at the photographs. She looks back at the life that was.
Her son playing a guitar. She smiles with tears in her eyes. He doesn't smile back.
Her mother and father, together. She can't stop tears. Neither offers a hug.
Her wedding. The husband, young and handsome. She sleeps alone.
Her daughter, running in glee on the sands. She caresses the tender feet. The feet don't stop.
Their smiles. She can never see again.
Their hands. Those hands that she held once with care.

She looks at the sky. God notices she wants to ask something. She is ready to trade all her fortune and future for even one of those precious moments from the past. He smiles and vanishes.

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  1. By June

    21 Feb 2006, 11:49pm [ Reply ]

    Der r people like those... not every smiling face is happy...gets me thinkin..dat when we deal wid people, we need to deal wid care coz u never know whos on d edge!

  2. By Angel

    5 Feb 2006, 3:27pm [ Reply ]

    Its ironical, such a story abt HER and ur current mood is Happy, neways tats not the point , maybe tats the way life had been decided for HER! God must ahve traded her happiness with all her fortune!Take Care..nice job!

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