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jff | 6 February 2006, 6:59pm

Everything which a person does for the first time is special my first ever blog...i always wondered why people write blogs ...who will read it, precisely who in this world has time to read what other people are thinking ...still i believe in the same thing the question is why am i blogging...not because people will read and post some comments ...not because after 10 yrs i'll look back and see what i have written ...tell me hows many people see their old photos ? but because the life i m leaving in is not me ...i am lost ...i need time to talk to myself ...i need time to analyse whether i am doing right or wrong ...why other people behave the way they do lets see how it goes ...


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Angel | 6 Feb 2006, 11:45pm

hey ..welcome blogger;)
Dont worry , the more u write, the more u'll spend time with urself!
And most of the time all bloggers have the same problems;)Take care

Twigrl | 7 Feb 2006, 12:16am

Aren't we all lost in some way or another? We all get side tracked once in a live in a moment...Enjoy things will fall back when its time.

museman | 7 Feb 2006, 9:38am

looking back at my blog after 10 years? Wow! that must be fun. Thanx for the idea and welcome to fullhydblogs.take my word, you will grow to love it.

Donnie | 7 Feb 2006, 4:37pm

Dude ppl do see their old pics...and a diary will do more good for introspection than a blog, but it's just my view :)

jff | 8 Feb 2006, 3:30pm

Thanks for posting ur comments.
Donnie i used to write diaries when i was kid, but things have changed. Now i can access the blog from anywhere ( home/office) and i can write whenever i feel like, obviously i cannot carry diary all the time. So i choose to write here and one more advantage i see is other people can comment without biasing so it can help when you are not feeling good...right..

enigma | 13 Feb 2006, 12:34am

i thought i was the only one thinking like that..join the gang

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