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20 Feb 2006

The Power of Toons

Posted by Oblivion in General | 8:59pm

12 cartoons. Riots, global unrest, protests, debates, many injured, and a few dead (16 in Nigeria, 12 in Afghanistan, 11 in Libya, and 5 in Pakistan - as of Feb 20). Toons can kill! Or, is it just we?

What exactly was there in the cartoons? 

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  1. By Twigrl

    20 Feb 2006, 10:17pm [ Reply ]

    Its not the toon but playing with the sentiments of people does. I wonder why when it comes to things like this human life become insanely precious, why is the focus not on Africa for humanitarian crises, how about Philippines, no no wait I think there are thousands dieing in India because of hunger, poverty, well actually also in genocides, how about all those diseases that killing babies...ever wondered about that, ever question that? Ever questioned what happend in gujrath in 2000, just curious...would love to see how you question that.

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