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jff | 22 February 2006, 4:06pm

Some things i want to change in myself..I have to
really improve ..Let me list which i have to do and i wanted to do ...

1) My communication skills.

2) Time Management.

3) Learn Telugu.

4) Donate some money to sweekar.

5) Anger Management

6) Morning wake up at 6.00 A.M

7) I have to get atleast one certification on Linux.

8) I have to stop giving suggestions to other people. Let them ask for it first.

9) I have to spent more time in office reading IETF/RFC standards than browsing, chatting and checking emails.

10) I have to understand that other people sayings and thoughts doesn't affect me untill and unless I agree with them. So i have the power to reject the junk statements and i should not get hurt.

11) I have to understand that to talk with ur manager doesn't mean that u r doing chaaploosi or makaanbaji but its only that u r investing ur time to get promotion and hike.

12) Everybody is different in this world.

Let me plan one by one how am i going to achieve the mentioned things..

Current Mood: Cheerful
Current Music: aadmi musafir hain ..Aata hain zata hain ...


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