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Perfection Vs. The Meaning Of Life Vs. The Tango

rock_26iin | 26 February, 2006 13:40

Me: you should hear her laugh sometime man. It



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Donnie | 26/02/2006, 15:46

n1 dude :) may u get ur tango partner soon...

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June | 26/02/2006, 18:15


not really good, but perhaps mayb yer last option?

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wisecrack | 26/02/2006, 20:02

Tango @ Erragadda? :-|

Hehe..kidding..nice one

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June | 26/02/2006, 21:17

jeeeezzz...erragada? aint goin back der...:P

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rock_26iin | 26/02/2006, 22:06

@Donnie : thanx man

and whats the meaning of "n1"?? :S

@June : why not? why don't u add me on yahoo so that we can decide on a time and place (my id is the same ;))

You escaped from there too? which cell were u in and which block?

@WC : :P, yeah, why not? It'll be some entertainment for all the inmates

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June | 26/02/2006, 22:12

yeah u know every cell n block in d mental hospital :P

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Shrink | 27/02/2006, 10:03

I'm game... :D

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rock_26iin | 27/02/2006, 18:59

@June : i almost do.

@Shrink : Cool!! Now me got 2 tango partners

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Donnie | 28/02/2006, 10:05

it's this fear of losin frens in finding the tango partner tht made me the 'responsive listener' :) but now, i've got my tango partner , so me gonna tango ;)

ps: n1 == nice one/numero uno ;)

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RK | 01/03/2006, 16:53

hey rock, read ur blog for the first time and covered almost all the posts in one go, they sure do raak... keep them coming

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rock_26iin | 01/03/2006, 17:54

@Donnie: Oye start 'responding' to 'her' then :P

@RK: Thanx man, i do intend to keep 'em coming but sometimes, there is a limit to nonsense...sometimes there isn't ;)

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Donnie | 03/03/2006, 13:18

i hope i do start repsonding :) it's been a long wait

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