Hi Dubya

Anti_American | 01/03/2006, 08:06 hrs


                - G E O R G E  B U S H   V I S I T S    I N D I A -

To mark this special occassion we have a limited edition pen stand on sale, for orders pls contact 1-800-WHITE-HOUSE




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Responses to Hi Dubya

  1. Rotflmao =)) =))

  2. I have no idea what rotflmao is but i think i can as well guess what it is. LOL is what i would say.Me not anti-pan america but defenitely anti-american policies.

  3. And thankyou anti-american, for the pic. :-D, it made me laugh.

  4. roll on the floor laughing my ass off...pretty much like lol, jus an exaggerated form.

  5. hmm...thanx for the info june. :-)

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