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and where it all grows, the great and mediocre not me a one of them, to be a humble hoper

The dope heads

thekabaka | 03 March, 2006 00:20

The long hair some flowing some entangled up
Some tied, in a tail some still in a dump
Like beauty from behind yet covered in beard
To many a fraternity they were truly feared

Like Sufis and saints they would strut
Defiance displayed with too much gut
Not my world to care they would sing
When many a problems to them would bring

Burning away among their finger life was truly high
When awaked from the midst of sleep could hear a sigh
Then again for companionship lit a glowing red
Nay won



Re: The dope heads

Zizou | 20/07/2011, 16:57

good one mate

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