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The common woe

thekabaka | 03 March, 2006 00:33

When wonders are your eyes sight
And costly meats your tastes delight
When lush green meets your daily stroll
And the sweet aromas that fill your soul

When your word assumes total command
And all bow when your presence stand
When pain and agony is but fantasy
And pleasures of life every days reality

When justice is what your mind judge
And glory beside you does trudge
When satisfaction fills within you
As your army swears solemn to

Then know a king you are
The one they call the morning star
And know in all possible royalty
There is who bear enmity

Know that as serene as it is now
Amount can turn it violently down
Know that we are turned to hatred
And that our wrath you shall dread

The king you are that failed to heed
The king so encompassed in your own greed
Its time we declare change is order
Its time oh noble we showed our power

-- The common


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