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and where it all grows, the great and mediocre not me a one of them, to be a humble hoper

The lost life

thekabaka | 03 March, 2006 00:35

It was a day of a stormy life
So lonely and emotion filled
That my soul seered in eternal strife
To what of me is worth to build

For it is me a failure I stand
Lost in this place of earth
Alone with none by my hand
I tread with confidence in dearth

So then a question in me did ask
Of what sin was this condemnation?
To be denied the gift of task
And to live in continuous desperation

An answer for I looked in my past
Yet in its white was no crimson red
Alas, those joyous days didn



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combat | 04/03/2006, 18:41

i wish i can reach this state to leave this merciful state of my life far behind me :(

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