There is something about a heartbreak, something so grotesquely inane about it that it defies all known logic. Even the unknown ones, I am sure, would be blatantly defied by it. For the sole reason that those logical reasoning sequences have remained unknown, is sheerly because they were meant to be defied anyway. Why theorise (Nothing wrong with the spelling here. Just that I have not become yank yet.) something that you know is going to be refuted?

About heartbreaks. They are supposed to be extremely difficult to get over. Like they say, "Yeh ishq nahi aasaan, itna hi samajh lije. Ek aag ka dariyaa hai aur doob ke jaana hai." Translated verbatim this means, "This love is not easy, understand only this. One river of fire it is, and drown you have to." Basically, this tells you how difficult the whole thing is. No, not heartbreak. But to express something in English that has no business being expressed in anything but Urdu. Aha, two buts in my sentence. Purists would fret. I would too, if someone else had done it.

For some reason, as human beings, we tend to lose connect with ourselves if we do not constantly challenge the boundaries of our capabilities. Even if that means copy writing those ads for BPOs and call centres (Again, the spelling is right. I have not become yank yet.) that read something like, "Do you constantly feel the urge to work in a challenging environment? Do deadlines bring out the best in you? Would you like to work in a dynamic team that gives you a sense of purpose?" And other such yadda yadda. Basically, that means, "We have peanuts to offer you to make you work like a dog but if we said that we would not be able to get you hook, line and sinker."

Perhaps it is that urge, that need which people tend to call the need to attain self-actualisation (Again, the spelling is right. I have not become yank yet) or, if you have it in you to call a spade a spade, that trait of masochism that gets us to fall head over heels for someone without realising what suckers we are becoming in the process. Oh, there are phrases like, "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" that make us feel all goose-pimply and philosophical about the whole thing. Only as long as the going is good though.

Ardent readers of my blog (hah, like that species exists!) would question the veracity of this post, the same way they would question the veracity of any of the posts on this blog. As if I ever needed to have any experience/knowledge to write about something! It is not whether you know anything about what you are writing. It is about if others believe that you do.

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