Note: This post is a take on MAD (Making Americans Dumber). If the only images that MAD conjures up in your head are those of a certain Mrs. Nene, then congratulations. You are a hormonally active heterosexual male or a hormonally active homosexual female. Either way, you are not frigid.

You know what I hate? The bit of skin that chafes off the sides of my thumb! I pull and pull at it, hoping it will go away till I have no skin left right up to my shoulders. You know what I hate? Country music! I don't know what country it is from, but it sure is not mine. You know what I hate? Multiple posts made on the same blog in a day! Especially, when I make a post on mine, and the multi-post blog displaces mine from the home page, not even giving me prime real estate space for 3 hours.

You know what I hate? The toilet seat left down! Woman, putting it back up is not rocket science - it is just good manners. You know what I hate? Friends on messenger when I have loads to do! If friends in need are friends indeed, they should be around when I have nothing to do. You know what I hate? Trying too hard for anything! If human beings were supposed to work hard then they would be the one pulling the carts while bullocks rode in them.

You know what I hate? That token stutterer in all low-budget movies! Merely looking at a stutterer is not funny anymore. You know what I hate? Remix albums! At this rate, they will be remixing the National Anthem next. You know what I hate? The hot chick at the airport that frisks the man who uses any 'macho' product! The hands that frisk me always belong to some pot-bellied officer.

You know what I hate? Waking up with a stubble! I sure did not go to bed with one. You know what I hate? TV shopping ads that make you lose half-an-inch in two hours! If I use the product for half a week then I should disappear altogether. You know what I hate? When my underwear rides really really really high up my ass! Oh wait, may be I like that.

You know what I love? This blog! Need I say more?

Current Mood: Gloomy
Current Music: Hemant Kumar - Na Tum Humein Jaano