well to continue where i left off , ( for those who havent read ma earlier post i was talking abt why people say that whatver we do is written in our destiny , and then contradict it , by saying that we will be judged for whatever we do in our lives after we die ) there is a second and more nagging thing that comes to mind  ,  and that is why god ???

do u beleive in god ??? well not exactly would be an atheists answer . he would say however , that there is an entity , nore powerfull than we are , or can ever be , present in this world . something that we hold on to in times of need ,  like the railing of a balcony 10 stories high , not because we cant stand without it ,  but because it feels safe .


we hold on to god coz we feel that even though we have given our hundred percent , we dont know what the outcome will be  , at times like those u want to have something to hold on to , to give u the strength and the beleif to wait while time unfolds infront of ur eyes .


think abt it  .


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