Ecstatic Failure

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Tum Pukar Lo...

rock_26iin | 03 May, 2006 23:16

The sky was a perfect mix of gold and bluish-white. It looked like something out of an artist



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nish | 05/05/2006, 21:12

wow what a quaint
dream.My horrid, recurrent dream that a giant truck ran over his leg leaving him in a pool of blood, still me starring in his eyes could'nt move an inch towards him.This loathsome dream haunted me till the day during an aboard i had a glance of him standing in his unique style tucking his hands in his black pant pockets written"italian style" ,a big green checks shirt which did'nt suit him much,then prtending busy in a phone call(mobile)...oh! am i blabbering -leave it-i declare, you are a better DREAMER.
CM:akele chodke gaye,pukarna bhi bhool gaya

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rock_26iin | 08/05/2006, 17:19


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nish | 08/05/2006, 17:56


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rock_26iin | 08/05/2006, 19:47

Well, you met someone in ure dream, dint u? ;)

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nish | 08/05/2006, 20:49

Just i had my morning walk and came back here.ok coming to my dream ,accident happend in dream but i saw him real.

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rock_26iin | 08/05/2006, 21:15

Sixth sense maybe??

Or a past-life debt?

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nish | 08/05/2006, 21:41

ok leave it.I've a ? as i've no one to ask such ?'s i:- u can help.sometimes instead of hiding from each other ,having a fridendly talk like knowing about each other lives might help feel better,what do u say?
i'm not good in typing.

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rock_26iin | 08/05/2006, 21:55

Sure, im open to talks :)

Talking abt happiness only spreads it and talking abt sadness only lessens it :D

P.S. : My yahoo ID is the same as this, if u wanna have a talk

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ane | 09/05/2006, 22:04

May be it's the only solution for some problems.

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Donnie | 10/05/2006, 04:12

guess u too need to take some flying lessons to catch up with her :P

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Neelu | 06/06/2006, 03:11

Deja vu............

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rock_26iin | 06/06/2006, 20:24


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