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rock_26iin | 15 May, 2006 02:06

Over the years (if you include my previous blog), my blog has become a place for me to let off steam, share joy, share sorrow, look at life from a different angle. Sometimes I go over my previous posts and just ponder how naive I was to feel so strongly about such trivial issues.

Life has been good to me. I feel I can say that. But there is just one thing missing for it to become perfect. And I have received confirmation that it will never be perfect. So I try to salvage what I have left and still amounts to a fairly nice picture...the only thing missing is the only thing that mattered all the time...other issues were small...this one stayed with me for four years and probably will never go away.

Well, life is like that. Takes away what you want most, gives you things you feel you could do without.



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Phani | 25/05/2006, 09:23

Life is like that..But, every bad day has to follow with a better one...

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apoorv | 08/06/2006, 11:16

Cante agree more on this,Mate.Beautiful thoughts.

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