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Ariza | 25 May 2006, 8:05am

It was only when I reached home that I recalled the whack on the television. An innocuous looking constable had stopped me with a per functionary wave of the dreadful lathi when I was on my way back and I stopped not because I was frightened of a flying missile but because I was excited. It was one very large drink later and I was quixotically confident of getting through. The man who in another times, if I had been sober enough to care, would have whacked me for protesting democratically for my rights looked at my still-black name plate and said I had to cough up. I didnt know that the reason you didnt see any traffic police around was because they merged into the normal race of policemen smug inside their Rakhshaks and I made the mistake of saying so. He corrected my bravado with a casual statement that the drink inside didnt aid in misunderstanding:

"do you want to see saab then?"

Now see, I wanted to live on the edge by stopping and being clever with a pitiful constable but I had no intention of standing up to a man who looked interestingly like prakash Raj with no dialouges. So I looked sheepishly and took the convenient cover of truth:

"I just have twenty rupees."

The kind constable didnt hide his contempt for me who made him miss a few other eminently stoppable, female-rider less targets and he knew with the certainty of inaction that I was as broke as I confessed. He quickly settled the twenty rupee note into his pocket and let me be. I still dont know if it is compulsory to have a white board?

Shekar Kammula was on the Metro plus with his star Sumanth. The interview reads different to me because of a habit which helps me have an imaginary conversation butting in with the famous ones with the confidence of being a success myself. But it was when they spoke of the presence of a strictly adhered script that I realised how rare that was in movies that are made on the whim of our tastes. I imagined myself to be a producer of script-less movies, arguing out a case for north Indian heroines whose lips make sense even when they arent speaking the blessed language; for songs and fight sequences that look like they had been confused by a tired editor after yet another marriage proposal rejection and for comedy written with the impatience of an early landing, with an argument that Shekar with his sensitivity could never beat:

"It makes money."

Current Mood: Bored
Current Music: Fanaa

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  1. 1. By June  |  25 May 2006, 6:39pm


  2. 2. By July  |  28 May 2006, 12:27pm

    yeah I am double rite :)

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