Ecstatic Failure

Think it over


rock_26iin | 03 June, 2006 00:44

Something I experienced.



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ycr007 | 04/06/2006, 13:35

eh,kya? Samjha nai pic ko! *scratches head*

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rock_26iin | 04/06/2006, 14:05

Check the name of the post, then check the benches in front of the fountain.

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drp | 06/06/2006, 10:31

*frikkin cam phones*


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rock_26iin | 06/06/2006, 16:50

Wasnt a cam phone kid, it was a Handycam :P

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Shrink | 07/06/2006, 11:07

Is that ur nose der, at the extreme right??? :D

Whr is this place? :O Looks gud to me....

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rock_26iin | 07/06/2006, 11:14

Nah, that aint my nose, i took the pic!

Its in Singapore, its called Fountain Of Wealth.

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Pete | 07/06/2006, 23:36

Hey Rocky.. I think Its not time for u to be Jealous.. :P

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