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After the rain

Ariza | 23 June 2006, 1:01pm

The rain had stopped for a moment and the sun came out shining. The wet terrace just outside my window started to glow and the thin leaves of the coconut trees started to glow. The breeze is still full of rain and I can smell the cool air blowing in. There is a cat curled up inside my helmet on my bed. I went to check on it. It has curled up nicely and it feels warm. It opened its eyes to my touch and looked at me from its sleep. I left it alone. The woman on the opposite building has had her clothes hanging in the balcony all day and they dont seem to have dried yet. The street is under soft mushy red mud that flowed out from the mounds by the side of the road that they had made while digging it up. I can hear the rubber tyres on the wet mud. I can hear the horns, the motor of the vehicles. The sun has disappeared again and it is wet everywhere. It is wet without the sunshine on it.

Current Mood: Cold
Current Music: Commando

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