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Ariza | 24 June 2006, 11:14am

It is a saturday again and the old beggar is here. He comes with his wife who sits on a wodden cart that runs on ball-bearings. You can hear them coming but we dont notice. He stands outside the gate and calls us out. The routine has been fixed long ago. First he calls for the customary "Amma!" And then he calls out "Babu?" I take out a five rupee coin and go out. He enquires about everyone. I say everyone is fine. He lifts his hand, thanks me and walks away. Behind him and through the gate I can see his wife grinning. She doesnt have good teeth.

I dont like him asking about my family. I am sure he doesnt know how many people are in it. He will come next saturday and I will give him another five-rupee coin. Then, I will not answer his question.

Current Mood: Irreverent
Current Music: Souten

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  1. 1. By museman  |  25 Jun 2006, 6:52pm

    :-)) hmm...inflation!! So, the going rate is five rupees now? :-( Who is this souten by the way? Ps. Fact reinstated that not all ppl are alike.

  2. 2. By Ariza  |  25 Jun 2006, 11:41pm

    Souten is an old Sawaan Kumar Tak music that was played without a break when I was a kid. The five rupees, like most donations, is to assuage my guilt. That I am afraid is the going rate.

  3. 3. By museman  |  26 Jun 2006, 1:29am

    aah...thank god! I thought it was the soundtrack of some movie starring mahima chdry. Sawan kumar tak sounds much better. :-)one plus point about staying away frm hyd! The going rate is still one rupee here! :-)

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