Unlike a fellow blogger, I do not stoop so low that I start parodying a fellow-blogger's blog. Instead, I stoop lower. I parody Fritjof Capra's 'The Tao of Physics'.

'The Tao of the Hyderabadi Lifestyle'

Thus spake the Hyderabadi:

When you have learned to differentiate a 'Hau' from a 'How', it will be time for you to leave."

Something mysterious is formed, born in the silent void. Waiting alone and unmoving, it is at once still and yet in constant motion. It is the soul of the Hyderabadi Lifestyle. I do not know its name, so I will call it the Tao of the Hyderabadi Lifestyle. The Tao of Hyderabadi Lifestyle flows far away and returns on the wind of morning.

The Tao gave birth to Hyderabadi Hindi. This Hindi gave birth to a way of life. This way of life gave birth to the laid-back (no pun intended) attitude. Now there are lakhs of Hyderabadis. All Hyderabadis have their purpose, however humble. Each Hyderabadi has his/her place within the Tao. But do not go to Chennai if you can avoid it. In the beginning was the Tao. The Tao gave birth to Space and Time. Therefore Space and Time are the Old City and Cyberabad of Hyderabad. Hyderabadis that do not comprehend the Tao are always running out of time and space. Hyderabadis that comprehend the Tao always have enough time and space.

How could it be otherwise?

The wise Hyderabadi is told about Tao and follows it. The average Hyderabadi is told about Tao and searches for it. The naive Hyderabadi (not unlike a fellow blogger) is told about Tao and laughs at it. If it were not for laughter, there would be no Tao. The highest sounds are hardest to hear. Going forward is a way to retreat. Great talent shows itself late in life. Even a perfect Hyderabadi still has his/her flaws.

Thus Spake the Hyderabadi:

"After three days without Hyderabad, life becomes meaningless."

The Hyderabadis of yore were mysterious and profound. We cannot fathom their thoughts, so
all we do is describe their appearance. Slothful, like the python after a meal. Kind, like a hostess greeting her guests. Simple, like uncarved blocks of wood. Opaque, like black pools in darkened caves. Who can tell the secrets of their hearts and minds? The answer exists only in Tao.

Grand Hyderabadi A.B.C.D.

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