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The Kite That Doesnt Want To Let Go

rock_26iin | 24 July, 2006 00:12

Why must I return every time I leave? Why must I always come back in spite of saying "goodbye"? Is it denial of the facts? Or is it something more? Is there a bond that holds me? Or is it my own inability to let go?

Funny, how life is. Funny, how the brain works too. Thought processes, problem solving, can achieve such logical tasks but it also dreams, and sometimes dreams up some totally illogical things. Imagines some things, which are unimaginable in your conscious state. And imagines them with such clarity! As if it weren't a dream, but a memory. A memory of something deeply cherished. Something I may never own...never even see again.

And yet I must dream every night. Dream up memories



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Ariza | 24/07/2006, 09:23

Or pehaps someday you will sit and laugh about the string you once had. It could happen.

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reeve | 24/07/2006, 19:05

hope is like opium
overdose propels vitality

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Lazybug | 25/07/2006, 18:25

You want to be a kati patang? You wht happens to on the road run after it and more often than it ends up being torn to pieces. :|

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rock_26iin | 27/07/2006, 15:21

@Ariza : Possibly, but I do not see it happening soon

@reeve: hmm..interesting

@Akhil : U have NO artistic inclination whatsoever >:P

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Donnie | 29/07/2006, 09:17

ever read Jiddu's theory on 'joy and pleasure'...may be helpful

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