My Journey

teja | 26/07/2006, 09:05 hrs

Torn pieces floating in the air.

Blocking my vision.

Refusing to settle down with the dust that sets the pace.

A million of them running in hundred different timezones.

Taking the pleasure in the ride to a place that never arrives.

A peace that's never silent.

A journey that never ends,

Setting the pace for a rythmatic chaos intrinsic to its movement.

Now i become the torn piece.

I know not where i go,

I have to keep moving through the chaos,

But the road never ends.

And so does my journey.

I can't see ahead nor where i came from.

The chaos brings the music.

I become part of it.

Now i am the chaos.

And i dont want to settle .

For time doesnt exist for those whose journey never ends.

I become time and i last forever.

Current Mood: Feeling Better
Current Music: Slayer - Hell Awaits

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