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and where it all grows, the great and mediocre not me a one of them, to be a humble hoper

A teenage woe

thekabaka | 26 July, 2006 14:38

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arun | 28/07/2006, 01:28

amen brother! ye have spoken well

but just one thing, don't expect that the perfect college is going to be 'perfect' ... and lush green grass doesn't imply anything


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arun | 28/07/2006, 11:09

you have some email address, where i can contact you?

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Anoop | 02/08/2006, 16:22

i wonder why u'd want to contact me n thanx fr the comments

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pranitha | 08/06/2007, 16:17

that was one piece of work which i would decribe as splendid,superb....cheers dude!!!!!!!!!!!

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