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Ariza | 31 July 2006, 6:42pm

I am reading a novel where this guy goes back to the place he feels most connected to after many years. This led me to thinking about the places I would like to go back to and my right to claim to these times. I'll write about that later. I asked one of my friend where he would like to be. He told me of his college times in New Delhi.

Sometimes I doubt the power of words and just when I begin to loose faith in them a friend like this appears and reconstructs a world i could never have any right to be in for me. At these times I like to step out of myself and accompany the story and live it with the narration. I wonder what claim do great writers have when such seemingly ordinary people can tell stories so well. Then I begin to feel better and carry the flavour of these words with me for days together.

What my friend doesnt believe is in HIS power of words. I have asked him to write many times but he refuses. "Are you mad! Who would want to read it!" May be he is right but I tell him to write for me, for days when I just want to cuddle up to a story. He calls me a parasite. I told him that there are times when my stories are sufficient for me but then there are times when I dont want to hear about my city, my life or my his-story. Then I want to hear of places and stories other than these.

I cant tell his stories and he asks me to. But believe me he tells them well. He knows who he is.

" I cant put it any more sincerely."

Current Mood: Cheerful
Current Music: Omkara

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  1. 1. By Zephyrus  |  9 Aug 2006, 2:55am

    Lost Euphoria to past
    Lost Seclusion in search 'truth'n'whatever'
    What left to wager

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