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Sania back to form

Sandeep | 4 August 2006, 3:17pm

Sania is slowly coming back to form. After a bad first half, she is all set to amend things in the coming tournaments. Reaching the third round of Acura classic confirms that. As you must be knowing Sania lost to Dementieva in three close sets. Ofcourse lot of people are upset about her loosing, but we need to understand that Dementieva has been on tour now for almost 5 to 6 years and is a very ecperienced player. She has twice reached the finals of grandslams (US Open and French Open) and is a top 10 player. Sania player her thrice this year and she gave her a tough fight all the three times.

Sania infact, changed some of the people associated with her. Employing Narendranath as her new travelling coach/hitting partner is a welcome move. It just shows that Sania wants to be the boss. She wants to get the things done in her own way. Ofcourse, this attitude of hers took her to top 50 in WTA tour and helped her scale those peaks which oher Indian women can only dream of (as of now). In future, I am sure we will produce better champions. Many try to find reasons why Sania is not opting for a top class coach? One needs to understand that Sania indeed tried stint at Tony Roche (Federer's coach), and also employed an American travelling coach. Things didn't workout and she steadily slipped through the ranking ladder.

Anyways, too much analysis is also not good. For starters, I am a very big fan of Sania and has been following her career from the time she was 11 years old. Hard courts season is back and so is Sania. Let us hope for a bright second half (2006) and may god bless her.

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