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Captaincy and Jayawardene

Sandeep | 8 August 2006, 3:02pm

Looks like Jayawardene has finally decided to showcase his talent to the world. What a magical innings he played today. His 123 against SA in the second test on a deteriorating Sri Lankan pitch has to be recorded among the best innings in the anals of cricket books. Captaincy has definitely brought the best out of the Sri Lankan. If you notice he is averaging well over 60 in tests and close to 50 in ODIs as captain. Ofcourse his terrific effort includes the mammoth 374, highest score ever by an Asian. Sri Lanka is proving to be a much stronger opposition under Mahela and his form is an ominous sign for India touring SL next week. We have to device a plan for Mahela's downfall otherwise which we are  bound to lose the series. A confident captain can make an average team deadly, ala Ganguly in the series against AUS or Vaughan in the Ashes. Beware India, Mahela has arrived

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