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Bommarillu rocks big time

Sandeep | 10 August 2006, 2:53pm

 Hmm, just got the wonderful news that Siddarth starrer Bommarillu is super duper hit. The most encouraging news is that the movie unanimously is like by every single person and not even a single negative remark has come out so far. The movie is sure shot money spinner in cities and towns while it could be an above average grosser in villages (I hate to use the words 'A', 'B' and 'C' centers). The movie is released with 77 prints and could very well go up to 120-130 in next 2 weeks. Such is the craze for this movie. From initial reports the movie is expected to collect around 10 to 15 crores while running for 100 days in 20 to 25 centers.

'Dil' Raju surely has the taste and this is his 4th consecutive blockbuster with 4 different directors and heroes. Amazing achievement for a producer. Genelia rocked in her role while Siddarth is good as usual. What a talented artiste he is! Prakash Raj's role is a cakewalk for the veteran while Jayasudha exceled in the climax. Sunil after a long time has come up with excellent comedy. Though the direction department has to be extravagantly parised for the deft handling of the subject, but I am restraining from doing so as I am not sure how much of inputs did 'Dil' Raju give. The talent of director is only known if he is succesful with variety of producers. So, I will deal this with caution. Music of the film is better on screen than on Audio. The picturization is perfect. Devisriprasad has good skills when it comes to background music and he has done a terrific job there. Nice work Devi.


Well, Siddarth and Genelia struck it. Sure to bag some more roles of this genre. Devisriprasad will be back after a brief hiatus. Dil Raju will continue his march towards achieving the impossible of having a 100% hot record. Telugu industry has got a new talent in Bhaskar (director). The movie is simply perfect for everyone including family audience. A must watch.

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