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For you

Neurotron | 31 May 2004, 3:20pm

I soldier on for you. Rain, shine, storm - they mean nothing in my journey. If I am impeded, it will only be by thoughts of you that beg my urgent attention. They are the one enemy I cannot resist; yet they are the very streams of sustenance which help me forge on. Mountains, vales, barren, hostile lands – I will traverse them all. For you.

What was an error then will be a travesty now, if I do not find you. Unknown to you, I still live only to see the divinity in your eyes and to burn in the flames of your heart. I questioned each stride I took, lest it make me unworthy. I beseech you, let my breath in ragged gasps blow gently over the dying embers of a once glorious love. Let the fire rage again, let its warmth envelope you as it once did. Let the promise of your soul guide my weary steps on my eternal quest.

Current Mood: Heroic
Current Music: If I ever lose my faith in you - Sting

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  1. 1. By aloque  |  31 May 2004, 4:20pm

    keep trudgin' ma man!! there is hope for hopeless romantics like us yet.

  2. 2. By Neurotron  |  31 May 2004, 5:54pm

    Hear hear.

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