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25 Aug 2006

Unsound Rules, Sound Results

Posted by Oblivion in General | 11:12am

Electoral System, framed by the Election Commission of India, mentions in its section Who can vote?:

"Those who are deemed unsound of mind, and people convicted of certain criminal offences are not allowed to vote."

Strangely, there's no mention of any such criteria in the section Who can stand for election!

Fittingly, the results are obvious -
1.Sensible (~ sound of mind) people who can't take anymore of this shit back out from voting.
2.Insensible (~ unsound of mind) ones cast their vote and believe they are the most responsible people on the planet.
3.Goons (~ unsound of mind + a strong criminal record) exploit this situation and continue to rule the nation.

I don't know how this is working! Let me connect:
1.One cannot contest elections if he is not registered as a voter.
2.One cannot register as a voter if he is not eligible to vote.
3.One is not eligible to vote if he is unsound of mind or convicted of certain criminal offences.

Going by the three aforementioned statements, even a ninth-standard kid would, by simple logic, deduce that a goon cannot even vote, forget about contesting elections. Still, what we have for rulers is a bunch of goons! What's the loophole? My guess is - the words "unsound" (a vague word, open to manipulation) and "convicted" (a well-defined word, but open to manipulation in practice).

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