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3 Sep 2006

Sibling Rivalry!!!

Posted by a stable mind in Personal | 9:58am

Apni Galli

I have been dormant for quite a long time. So I decided to put this word through. This article is for all those people out there who have brothers and sisters. This piece is for all those who have once been jealous of their siblings.

Yesterday, as I was traveling, I saw two young girls, sisters perhaps, sitting on the scooter and sharing little of what had been left of an ice cream or a lollipop (I didn

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  1. By a Beach boy

    5 Sep 2006, 7:11pm [ Reply ]

    true, one cant always get back to being the same like gud 'ol times, coz times chng and ppl chng.....

    ps : glad to see Apni galli back on fullhyd.

  2. By APni Galli

    7 Sep 2006, 7:43pm [ Reply ]

    @beach boy
    any idea as to why we change and why we cant always cope up with the change?

  3. By a Beach boy

    9 Sep 2006, 8:53pm [ Reply ]

    if we are able to cope up with change all the time, we'd be eternally satisfied/happy , which is something the fellow from above doesnt want, coz then, no one wud remember to pray to him for help :P
    ur bro's dodging his knife-holding sis, reminds me of a similar situation when i dodged a flying baton hurled by my bro, it missed me, but shattered the huge dressing mirror in my bedroom (phew, narrow miss) :D

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