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31 May 2004

Freud - Slipped?

Posted by Oblivion in General | 9:46pm

Does anyone read Freud seriously these days? I'm not referring to reading him as a part of academics, where one is usually forced to read and as a result we have hardly anyone left who would read something out of passion. That, unmistakably, is one of the evils of the existing education system.

We don't live by instincts. We operate through a mechanism forced upon us by society. This actually creates a lot of friction and keeps the rope of life very tense, instincs being very powerful. The upshot is we have a majority of the population absolutely neurotic. This is more easy to discover in cities. A lot of suppression goes on life ever since one is a kid, and over time, it builds up a massive, strong wall in the mind. This constantly demands the individual to conform to a code that one is not naturally inclined to. The effects could be either ways - it may make one a pervert or an invert (homosexuals). Today's world is in the third stage of sexual evolution, and Freud predicted this would effect in neurosis among majority. And he suggests marital unfaithfulness may not be as bad as we suppose it to be. In demanding the young to be celibate till marriage, and the average age at which one gets married being only on the rise, it actually ruins the very purpose for which it is preparing one.

Freud, simply, is a genius! If one understands him properly, it will cure many ills of the present world. But I wonder how many are reading him! Have we done the classic 'Freudian slip' by slipping him out of our reading habits?

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  1. By Vj

    1 Jun 2004, 10:36am [ Reply ]

    Hi JLU, agreed! Leaving the institution is the best solution. Nonetheless, it is good only in cases where the two persons are living together out of compulsion. In cases where they love each other it may be undesirable that they shoulld break up for committing the 'sin' of desiring variety. This might seem shocking because we do the mistake of linking love with sex. See, these 'contract', 'faith, 'trust' etc are all very loaded words, invented by us to bind ourselves. The important thing is - 1.love is the most important thing in a relationship, 2.marital unfaithfulness does not imply a loss of love, 3.sexual instinct is primitive; to control that with the 'civilized' moral code is illogical, does more harm than good.

    I'm not suggesting 'Murder' scripts in all families (gosh! that is neurotic); am just praising Freud for looking so deep into human psyche. Yes, sounds quite shocking that, but all great ideas face ridicule at first. Freud's books were burnt. To understand something so profound, we have to think logically, rationally, putting aside all our bag of knowledge.

    Which family would be better for society and world at large? - 1.the one who love each other and yet may have occasional fun outside marriage, or 2.an unhappy, frustrated couple living together compulsively, bound by morals, ethics, etc? There is, of course, a possibility of a couple loving each other unconditionally and would never need anything else in life, but this is highly utopian. We are talking about us, not that ideal couple.

    Pls, I'm not saying this with certitude. I'm just trying to find out, and in the process if I sound emphatic, pls don't misunderstand :)

  2. By Aran

    1 Jun 2004, 10:05am [ Reply ]

    Just what is the fascination about a perverted old man who thinks about sex all the time and makes it okay for others to do it too? Oh! I think I answered my own question. :)

  3. By ar

    31 May 2004, 11:41pm [ Reply ]

    hey vj... sonny boy... how bout givin us some percentages bout freud and his pee pee fascination... give us a count of how many people agree with him and how many think that bananas are supposed to be orange....

  4. By ar

    31 May 2004, 11:24pm [ Reply ]

    hey vj... sonny boy... how bout givin us some percentages bout freud and his pee pee fascination... give us a count of how many people agree with him and how many think that bananas are supposed to be orange....

  5. By JLU

    31 May 2004, 10:46pm [ Reply ]

    Vj, Prolly you are right about Freud being a genius.... but I wonder how marital unfaithfulness may not be as bad.

    I view it as a violation of contract.... someone who continues to be married and who reaps the benefit of such a marriage has no business to violate the faith and trust. He or she should leave the institution, and do as he/she pleases. My two cents :)

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