I have always laid (nope, not punning) great emphasis on sex, also known as fornication, copulation, intercourse, or plainly, if you have your priorities right, a fuck. We could have actually made that adoloscent infatuation termed 'world peace' a possibility if only people had more sex than rabbits in heat.

Whoever said 'Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus' eventually ended up making a truckload of money. If ever there was a case put forward for money being made for all the wrong reasons, this would be it. Truth be told, men and women are only as different from each other as chalk is from, well, chalk. And, I say shoot all those feminists who rise up in arms against that statement!

The fact of the matter is simply this. Men and women, from time to time, need a good humping - a good old-fashioned gamming of the boots purely for satiating their carnal desires. If ever variation is observed in the behaviour of the sexes it is in the event of their not getting any.

Women usually take to bitching or rumour-mongering for an outlet to their pent up frustrations, an activity completely harmless as long as they are not in a position of power. Men usually take to masturbation - after all, didn't some wise man say that God helps those who help themselves? Not that women don't masturbate. They do, but most of them have these feelings of guilt about it, and only indulge in it when the going gets really really tough. Besides, I have come across only four women in my life so far who have ever admitted to being in the habit of doing it. And none of these four women bitches. Go figure why!

There is this dangerous species of man, though. One who neither masturbates nor gets any. Then he just goes to war. That makes him feel man enough. Oh no. I am not talking out of my hat. Why do you think George Bush has declared war on terror? Because he could not do what Bill Clinton could do with White House interns, though his choice in women is questioning.

So, basically. Men are not from Mars. Women are not from Venus. Men and Women both stem from between a woman's legs, and around that their worlds orbit. Crudely said, but I have always called a spade a spade.

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