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Cutting the crap

thekabaka | 24 September, 2006 23:22

Since time memorial, people have asked, whats wrong with the world, and prophets and philosophers have come up with answers (great ones no doubt),Yet i a simple person of no great credentials, attempt to answer that with whtever limited wisdom i have acquired. The world of today, as i believe could do great by just cutting the crap. crap not as the biological reject of the digestive sytem but that crap that seems to fill up all those speeches made by politicians. every where there seems to be a bloated image of what reality is.This is a world where lying on resumes and dodging traffic rules is common place, what we need is a serious overhaul of how we percieve life,if its going to get better, we ve done a lot to make life easier, the technology we use is growing by the day to make it a tad bit more leisurely, but its not technology that will get us out of this downward spin of society. The perversion of truth is most leathal to the order that we have strived to build. fanaticism is just one such perversion, that has culminated into the biggest threat, that we as the civilized world made on the foundations of peace can face. And though terrorism is the biggest threat it isnt the only threat. As a young man brought up with the visions of a greater country i can only wish that politics will finally bid farewell to corruption and youth to crime. I wish we would not not scrutinize people for every word they utter no matter how influential they may seem by understanding that they are basically as human as us, Lets not give into the threat of violence, but make sure that all antisocial elements are eradicted, lates initiate dialogue as our primary option to the resolution of ong held grudges. lets not condemn error( in reasonable limits) to be inhuman but lets celebrate it as natural as we are also natural. Let's do away with unhealthy competition and the strive to better, for the sake of looking down on others. lets condone the death of white, black, oriental all alike and not by any superflouos identity, while exhorting the need for the fundamental right to life. lets be able to express our deepest regrets and fears, unhindered by etiquette , lets burp to great lunches and sneeze without excusing ourselves.

. Lets walk up in faded jeans and an"i dont care" T-shirt to class and learn like we've never before learnt. It was a world made without most of the rhetoric, it would be great to keep it that way.

Though reality is far away from this UTOPIA of imagination, for who would get into politics if there was no "incentive for growth", or who wouldnt love to show their next door neighbors the latest household ammenty all the while carrying an " i have it and you dont" expression. It s human i guess the petty things that do fall into the category of "crap", but what matters is not making your crap toxic to the basic fabric of humanity. Dont enforce your beliefs on others by threatening to kill, dont restrict me , my basic rights, let me be what i want to, within the framework of a carefully sculpted rule of law.

And though in all certainity my words will go down into the abyss of forgotten philosophies, i can only hope and exhort the need to keep it clean.




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Velcro | 08/03/2007, 00:21

you can go places. :)

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