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rock_26iin | 28 September, 2006 12:28

The Fire Of Life

The fire of life
Burning silently inside of me
Raging now
From all the hurt and misery

Desperate tries
Failed attempts
Sinister lies
Grey events

Sharpened edges
Of the swords I yield
Angry now
The fire inside of me

Massacre of egos
Destruction of vanity
Vanquishment of veto
Regaining my sanity

Clearer vision
Misguided emotions aplenty
Redemption sought
But their eyes are empty

Softened corners
Of the words I speak
Softening now
The fire inside of me

Dances of joy
Smiles of happiness
And a hint
Of remorseful sadness

The love of life
Urging me to go on
The thread of hope
Giving rise to a new dawn

Silent now
Is the fire inside of me



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Lazybug | 28/09/2006, 22:27

Enjai the good times while they last :|

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