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Lady love

thekabaka | 09 October, 2006 00:15

just one kiss love to say goodbye
my dear to leave me as so
a woeful heart that heaves a sigh
to have to see you go

that my hand it does try to do
to clutch yours once a last
a heart so wishing it could be true
reminscnig such beautiful a past

to know your heart another is
it grieves this soul so more
but this love is what it gives
and pain it chose and bore

and my shoulder you have no more
so weep not my lady whatever
even at what lfie has kept instore
smile my heart's beat forever

and though a tougher road lies
stride on with your head high
and if no one to hold you tries
i will, love but dont ever cry

final farewells, and great regret
that you were not mine to be
and all i will hope to ever get
is one last moment for me.



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Sharon | 09/10/2006, 17:03

beautiful.. v touchin. loved it..

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charmie | 09/10/2006, 23:24

very touchy.

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